V3 alphan settings

Subpage of Base setup menu

Alpha-n/Speed Density settings

  • VE table control startegy: To configure VE table with TPS or MAP.
  • MAP Sensor Connection: Choose if MAP hose is connected before or after throttle.
    • After, MAP lower than barometric pressure will be ignored in fuel calculation.
    • Before, MAP will be included in calculations.

  • Ign+Lambda table Y axis: To configure Ignition and Lambda table with TPS or MAP.
    For Alpha-N with boost compensation, use kPa.
  • Ign+Lambda Kpa use: For Alpha-N with boost compensation on firmware >= 1.2.32 a new Y axis using calculated load is available which smooths out the transitions when using ITB's VE(Alpha-N) and Turbo, normal users use KPA (or TPS)
    • kPa, Kpa (or TPS depending on Hybrid MAP/TPS threshold) as Y axis on Ignition and Lambda table.
    • Load, Calculated load (airflow) as Y axis on Ignition and Lambda table.

  • Table lookup threshold: With Alpha-N (TPS) control strategy and Ign+Lambda table Y axis = kPa, you can choose to use TPS on the lower range below this pressure threshold.
    • 110 kPa: 0-100 in table Y-axis uses TPS, 110 and above uses kPa. 100-109 will use the same value as 100% TPS.
    • 0 kPa: Use only kPa for ignition and lambda tables.