Our Products

Many projects are being worked at any one time. The projects listed below are those we feel are well tested and ready for general consumption. Further product testing and development can be seen in the wiki here.

Genboard V.3 ECU

genboard v3.x ECU

VEMS v3.x is our engine management system. It has features and performance that embarass ECUs many times the price. Its flexibility is un-matched.

More than just another fuel injection computer, it manages sequential injection and ignition timing on up to 8 cylinders, complete with integrated wideband lambda controller. It can be configured to run almost any electronically injected engine and manage many engine parameters, such as boost control, nitrous control, high quality idle control, knock detection and exhaust gas temperature. At it's simplest, it can be configured to handle systems with points type triggers, while running batched injection with (narrow or wide-) band lambda sensing.

For more detailed information, see the manual and/or the wiki.

VEMS wideband / EGT

round wideband oxygen lambda display with exhaust gas temperature sensing

This is our dedicated wideband lambda and EGT (exhaust gas temperature) meter (controller and display).

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