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ECU log settings

After enabling ECU internal logging, log recording will start every time the engine is started.

Logs can be downloaded from Tools / SD Card Log / Search SD files . All logs can be erased from the same menu

A new file is created for every engine start. Appears in the Overview window (ordered by time)

ECU Logger dialog settings:

Search SD files (SD Card overview):

Typically a 1GByte SD-card can store: ~360 hours of logging.

GPS log:

Connecting RS232 GPS to 2nd serial port (GND and TX signal, since GPS RX signal not needed):
Connecting the GPS RS232 to 2nd serial port

Testing the second serial input:

  1. Upload a firmware with second serial port support (fw 1.1.89 or later)
  2. Set up the GPS log to second serial:
    • ECU Logger enabled: SDCard
    • ECU Log use Byte stuffed format: Enable
    • Automatic GPS Log on main serial port: Disable
    • GPS Log Baud rate: 4800
  3. Reboot the ECU
  4. Erase the SD Card or check which is the latest file number
  5. Start SD logging manually (Tools/SDcard/Start SD log)
  6. Connect PC to second serial port
  7. Start a Serial terminal program, open the correct port with 4800 Baud
  8. Send the GPS saved log file
  9. Search SD files, save the latest log
  10. Open Vemslog, verify that GPS data is available (shift + 2: GPS gauge group) Search SD files, save the latest log